Worldschooling Bansko 2023

18 December - 17 March

Community Complex

All ages


*Other residents of the complex remain able to use the facilities at the teen spaces.


Important note from founders

We’ve had two amazing seasons in Bansko and we feel so privileged that we are able to organise Worldschooling Bansko for the third time. We used our experiences from  2021 and 2022 to create a program that fits all different kinds of people, and all ages, and at the same time we tried to keep the costs low, so that we can serve an as large group of Worldschooling families as possible. The program we offer is great for itself, but keep in mind that all elements of the program and housing are designed to create a deep community of Worldschooling families. The magic of Worldschooling Bansko lays not in the activities, but in the families coming together, sharing their time together, creating connections, and forming friendships for life. Because this is what Worldschooling Bansko is: A Worldschooling community! When being part of a community with a large group of people, a certain investment and responsibility is expected from all the participants. To create clarity and make sure everybody is on the same page, we created the documents “What to expect” and “Code of Conduct”. Two documents that are an essential for our community to thrive. We ask everybody interested in joining Worldschooling Bansko to read and commit to the content of these documents. We are doing everything in our power to make Worldschooling Bansko 2023 an incredible season, an amazing fun time, an intense deep community with life lasting friendships, and we appreciate your help and addition to our community