Worldschooling Bansko 2023


The complex

Worldschooling Bansko 2023 will take place in our community complex. This is where all the Worldschooling Bansko families will be staying, and where all the activities will be held. The complex has 4 apartment buildings which we will be filling up for a large part. We have the availability of a number of community spaces that allows us to assign every age group their own* space for activities, coworking, social gatherings, and hang outs. The gated complex has an outside play area for the kids to enjoy. There is also a spa area which can occasionally be used by our group at an extra cost. The complex is surrounded by nature, 500 meters from the city centre, and 1.5km away from the gondola (transport for skiing is available).

Update: There are currently no options in the complex for the first month. There is only one option available for the second and third month. Fast booking is needed.

*Other residents of the complex remain able to use the facilities at the parent and teen spaces.

The apartments

At the complex there are a number of studio apartments in different sizes available for the families. This allows you to have your private time with your family, while in the heart of the community. All apartments have full kitchens, allowing you to cook your own meals. Most apartments have washing machines, there are also shared washing machines in the building. The apartments have full bathrooms, some come with a bathtub. Every apartment has Wi-Fi. We tested 19.3 download, 7.6 upload, and 11 ping. The apartments are equipped with basic cleaning equipment, but do not provide any condiments, detergents, etc.
Electricity is not included. The apartments are heated with electric heaters. Average electricity bills are 100-150 euro per month.
It is not allowed to use the fireplaces in the apartments.
Pets are allowed in the apartments at an additional cleaning fee after consultation with the complex and according to their policy.

Appartment assignment

For every family an apartment will be selected based on family size, age of the kids and availability. We will discuss the selected apartment with your family and you have the option to request preferences and essentials. Keep in mind that availability for certain types of apartments is limited and essentials can lead to a place on the waiting list.
The following apartments are included in the program fee. Please note that housing for children 0-5 is not included, unless an additional fee of €100 is paid.
Family of 2: Studio apartment.
Family of 3: Larger studio apartment.
Family of 4 with younger kids: Studio Plus apartment.
Family of 4 with older kids: 2 studio apartments in the same hallway.
Family of 5+ with younger kids: 1 bedroom apartment.
Family of 5+ with older kids: Combination of apartments in the same hallway

Combinations of apartments can be made, depending on the needs of your family. Extra studio apartments are available at a small additional cost. Of course we will make sure there is enough space and enough (sofa)beds available for your family.

All information and wishes about the apartments will be discussed during our online meeting.

Coworking / social space

For the parents, there is a coworking / social space on site. Here, the wifi has a speed of 96 mbps (one internet provider). There are 2 private rooms available for calls or quiet working time. All the parents of Worldschooling Bansko are allowed to use this space for working and social gatherings between 10 AM and 10 PM, 7 days a week. If you want to use the space after these hours, please consult with us. Other residents of the complex are also able to use the space. Depending on the occupancy, we might set a limit and introduce a sign up system. Please keep in mind that this space is for adults exclusively, kids 0-17 are not allowed.

Neighbouring complex

The neighbouring complex is a nicer complex. It has facilities like an indoor pool, spa area, gym, and restaurant. The rooms are more luxuriously designed. 

The distance between the complexes is 150 meters.
It is a safe walk that children 6 and up would be able to walk by themselves.

Pets are not allowed in the neighbouring complex.

The apartments in the neighbouring complex are more expensive.
The additional costs:
Family of 2: Studio              +€400
Family of 3: Studio              +€300
Family of 4: 1 bedroom     +€500
Family of 5: 2 bedroom     +€700
Family of 6: 2 bedroom     +€600
Utilities to be paid seperately (electricity, water, internet, tv)

Update: There are currently no options in the neighbouring complex for the first month. There are currently no 2 bedrooms for the second month. Fast booking is needed.

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When the neighbouring complex has filled up, participation in the program is still possible when you find your own housing. We can advise you in this. If you find your own housing, we will subtract 100 per person from the monthly price.