The arctic tern is a migratory bird that travels the longest route out of all the birds in the world. It travels an estimated 90,000 km per year, which is more than twice the circumference of the earth. In it’s lifetime, it flies approximately, 400,000 km, which is the same as 3 times the distance to the moon and back, or more than half the circumference of the sun! Arctic terns don’t travel in a straight route. Instead they take long detours, selecting the best weather and feeding grounds on their way. The arctic tern manages to visit each continent and every ocean in the world in one year! It experiences the most daylight out of all animals because of its travel habits. Arctic terns don’t travel alone. They travel in large groups called colonies, being inherently social creatures that benefit off traveling together.

Like arctic terns, ArcticTerns are travellers. We try to travel as much as we can and are interested in every country, every ocean, every spot on the earth. We would even love to travel to the moon and back. Like arctic terns, we also don’t travel in a straight route, taking detours to select the best weather and most interesting travel places. ArcticTerns do not travel alone, we bring likeminded people from all over the world together to socialise and create connections with. We create our own colony that is beneficial to everyone in it. We do this through a number of activities especially suited for the needs of the group. This way, we provide educational expeeriences, social connections, and personal growth, through cultural immersion.

ArcticTerns is a non-profit foundation that offers education experiences, social connections, and personal growth, through cultural immersion.

Our volunteers:



Derisha is the junior co-founder of ArcticTerns, and the sole junior founder of the IQ Teen Camp. She is the main inspiration for the foundation of ArcticTerns and the creation of its events. While learning the traits of running a non-profit business and creating events, at the same time she’s an important initiator responsible for many of the decisions and practical implementations. During the events itself, she is even more busy, having the time of her life because of all the amazing activites and likeminded friendships that are created. 



Emmy is the co-founder of ArcticTerns. She is the Worldschooling mom of Derisha and Dominic, whose needs are the inspiration for the Worldschooling program, of which Dominic is one of the biggest fans and most frequent particpants. Emmy handles most external communication and formalities. She keeps herself busy with organising all concerning the events, all in an ongoing learning process. Emmy is also a volunteer at Worldschooling Bansko. She absolutely thrives from connecting with the participants and the activities themselves

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