Worldschooling Bansko 2023



Bansko is a ski resort town from where you are able to take up the gondola to the Pirin Mountains. There are slopes for all levels of experience, with ski classes available. There is usually plenty of snowfall on the mountain, and if there is not enough, snow machines are used to add artificial snow.

Ski pass

To get up to the ski mountain, you must take the gondola. The gondola goes from the center of Bansko up to the mountain. At the top of the gondola there are the practice slopes and a restaurant. To go to the more advanced slopes you have to take the ski lifts.
Last years prices can be found here.


All day passes and the season pass have the gondola pass included. The The Drag lift – bottom station pass does not.
With the exception of the Bansko Twenty pass, all multiple day passes must be used consecutively.
The Bansko Twenty pass, and of course the season pass are valid over the entire season, and the 20 days can be used at any time during the season. The days do not have to be consecutive.
There is a fast lane entrance at the back of the gondola building, which you are allowed to use when you have the season pass. Our experience is that people have been allowed to use the fast lane when they had the 20 day pass, but this was not always guaranteed.

Ski classes

We work with a ski school that is able to acommodate our large group and organise group lessons for us. The ski school has a discount for our group. The ski passes are not included in the ski classes.
Every lesson the ski teachers look at the levels of the group and adapt the lesson or group structure based on that. Because of this, some children might switch groups if the teacher notices this would help them learn better. Children and parents are not put together in a group, because children learn differently and much faster than adults. It is possible to get a private ski group with you and your children together, but this is not recommended. Group ski classes are available from 7 years and up, for younger kids it is possible to arrange private group classes. The ski classes take 2 hours, but for younger kids only 1 hour is recommended. We recommend to book ski classes at 11:00 – 13:00, as this aligns with Skiing With Friends, and it is easier to get up the mountain for this time of the day. Depending on your level it takes approximately 6 lessons to get to a level where you can go off the 10 slope. Once you are able to go off the 10 slope comfortably you are able to join Skiing With Friends.

Ski purchase / rental

Ski purchase:
We work with a ski school that sells good quality second hand skis, ski boots, and ski poles. They also sell snowboards, but these are less available, and they do not sell snowboard boots. For snowboarding gear, it’s best to look in Sofia, especially for snowboard boots.

Ski rentals:

Ski rentals are also available at the ski school we work with. Depending on how often you ski, second hand purchase is usually cheaper.