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An additional registration fee of €50 per family will be charged at registration. This registration fee is non-refundable.

A €500 deposit will be charged at registration. This will be returned after your stay (minus any applicable banking fees) if all is paid and left in good condition.

Any banking fees, if applicable, are to be paid by the person booking. For credit card payments a 3% banking fee is in place. We suggest IBAN/SEPA payments to limit the banking fees. For example Wise accounts have the option for IBAN/SEPA payments.

Family details

We would like to know more information about your family so we can best create a harmonious community.

Housing options will be assigned in the order of registration. Please inquire before registration to check availability if your housing choice is essential

After registration you will be forwarded to a payment link to pay the registration fee and deposit. Also an email is automatically sent. Please keep an eye on your inbox. A video call will be scheduled to meet in person in which we will discuss expectations. After this meeting your booking will be confirmed and your first invoice for €50% of the amount will be sent. This invoice is due in 5 days. The second term is due before November 1st.
The remaining available housing is limited, we try to fit everyone in the main complex, but it can be that this is not in your first choice apartment. If you contact us >right before booking< we can give you more information about availability