We have created two offers for Worldschooling Bansko 2024 to suit every family. For those who want to have the full experience and enjoy all the activities we have the inclusive offer, and for families who have a smaller budget we introduced the budget offer. The prices of the two offers are as follows:

Inclusive offer: € 760 4 weeks/person
Budget offer: € 630 4 weeks/person

Inclusive offer - € 760 4 weeks/person

For families who want to have the full experience of Worldschooling Bansko, we have the inclusive offer.
The inclusive  offer includes the community, the housing, and all the activities inside and outside the complex. 

All the activities of the schedule are included.

Example schedule

Example schedule

Budget offer - € 630 4 weeks/person

Besides our inclusive offer, we introduced a budget offer, for people who do want to join Worldschooling Bansko, but who are on a smaller budget.
The budget offer includes the community, the housing, and all the activities inside the complex, but it does not include any outside activities.

Participants making use of the budget offer are able to join the outside activities at an additional fee provided there is space, when booked the weekend before through te sign up form.

Participants who make use of the budget offer are not allowed to join any scheduled activities without prior signup, to not interfere with the organisational part.

What’s not included:
Nature and culture, for example:
– Museum visits
– Rila monestary
– Historical tour
Active activity, for example:
– Sledding off ski road
– Ice skating
– Rock climbing
– Bowling
– Horse back riding
– Escape room
– Zip wire
Hot springs

The prices below are approx prices, ex transport, based on last years prices and new quotes.
The accurate prices will be given at the weekly sign up.

Swimming: 25 BGN

Nature and culture:
– Museum visits: 5 BGN.
– Rila Monastery: 20 BGN
– Historical tour: 20 BGN.
– Snow fun: Free
– Mountain walk: Free

Active activity:
– Sledding off ski road: 20 BGN
– Ice skating: 35 BGN
– Rock climbing: 30 BGN
– Bowling: 20 BGN
– Horse back riding: 50 BGN
– Escape room 35 BGN
– Zipp wire: 20 BGN

Hot springs: 20 BGN

Example schedule

Example schedule