Our mission is to build deep connections between Worldschooling families, through care and involvement, using a program full of educational, social and fun activities, immersed in the Bulgarian culture

Table of Contents

Important note from founders

We had an amazing time last winter with amazing families, of which each and every one now has a special place in our hearts. ♥ We feel so privileged that we can do the Worldschooling event another year and that it is growing to the point that we might even be able to run it year-round. It took so much work to get to where we are now, most can not imagine, but we did this with all our love and devotion, and we will continue to do so. ♥
We do think it is important that the community will remain a nice environment for everyone, including ourselves. For this reason we ask everyone participating in, or connecting with Worldschooling Bansko to appreciate and to adopt the care and involvement that makes our community the strong, deep, loving community that it has become. Our community is based on respect of any race, nationality, religion, convictions, ideas, etc etc. In other words, respect for every human being. We are a drama free community. We are open for cooperation with anyone who wants to add to the community, but please approach us with respect and appreciation for what is, and for our mission.


Starting:       6 December 2021
Until*:           10 April 2022*

*We are examining the option to run Worldschooling Bansko year round, if you are interested in staying/arriving after mid April, please let us know!



We are offering activities 5 full days a week, from 10 am until 10 pm. Activities for all different age groups. We have a fair combination of free/included activities and activities that require an extra fee. When participating in the program, you can choose how often and which activities you would like to join. We will create weekly schedules, in which we consider the interests of the families present and of course the weather conditions. 

Please see the example of a weekly schedule below. However the weekly schedules vary, the format will be as follows.


Important note:
–          The age ranges are merely recommendations. Every parent can make a judgement which activities are suited for their child. Please note that in certain age groups certain behaviour is expected. We ask parents to take this into consideration.
–          We kindly ask families to sign up for the activities in advance. Instructions about signing up will be given with the release of the weekly schedules.
–          You can book as many or as little activities as you like. Parents are also welcome to drop off children for the full day program.
–          Please try to avoid pick ups and drop offs during the activities. Pick ups and drop offs between classes is of course not a problem.
–          Parents are welcome to stay and join the children’s activities. In this case we ask the parents to remain quiet to not disturb the activities. Parents are also welcome to drop their children off. There will be special areas for parents who want to socialise with other parents during the activities.
–          All activities are subject to change or cancellation due to Corona restrictions


During the swimming activities our team will accompany the children at the pool. The children can have fun in the water, while being supervised by one of our team members.
♠  Children are required to be good swimmers or wear suitable floaters.
♦  Parents are very welcome to join.
$  (Approx. 5 €) A fee may apply to people who do not stay in the group complex. In case the complex pool will not open during the winter, we will visit a nearby pool. In this case, there will be an additional fee.

Sports activities

During the sports activities we will combine real sports with active games, so the kids can get their needed excersise.


The team will take the kids volunteering on a regular basis. ♦  Parents are very much invited to join.
The local dog shelters are our favorite place to volunteer. We will help by walking the dogs, playing with them, and helping them socialise.
♦  The t(w)eens and parents are encouraged to help clean the dogs’ living area.
♠  Please pack an extra pair of clothes to change into after the visit, the dogs can get you dirty.

Cultural activities

Every week we will schedule a cultural activity.  The cultural activities are activities for the whole family to join.

Some cultural acivities that might be part of the schedule:
–  Museum visits
–  Bansko tour
–  Bulgarian language and culture classes
–  Bulgarian history classes
–  Bulgarian food
–  Bulgarian traditional costumes
–  Bulgarian handscraft
–  Bulgarian music/dance

♦  Everyone is welcome to join.
$ (Approx. 0 – 10 €)  There might be an additional fee depending on the activity.

Group lunch

The group lunch will be in the group complex. Bring your own food or order from the restaurant in advance.
We will account for for the skiers changing clothes.
♦  Everybody is welcome.

Teen lunch

The teens will independently go into town and spend a couple of hours to have lunch and socialise in one of the many restaurants Bansko has to offer. In case of any trouble, they will be able to contact our team.
♠  We advise the teens to bring a phone.
$  (Approx. 5 – 10 €) This activity will require lunch money.

Kids restaurant

In this weekly activity the children will learn how to manage their own restaurant.
The children will learn to prepare simple dishes and get basic cooking classes. They will also learn about table settings and table manners. They will learn some basic business skills: earning money, purchasing goods, expenses, taxes, marketing, etc etc.
♦  Meanwhile, parents are invited to be clients of the restaurant.
$  (Approx. 1 €) The clients will bring a small fee to pay for the meal. Please bring additional food, since the children’s meal will be a small snack rather than a meal

Afternoon classes / clubs / games

We will offer an afternoon program with classes, clubs, and games multiple times a week.
There will be acticities for all different age groups. Please note that the age ranges are merely recommendations.
There will also be clubs where kids can get together with other kids that share their interests. Kids are very welcome to introduce additional clubs in agreement with the team.

Classes, games, and clubs that might be a part of the schedule include:
–  Reading time
–  Circle time
–  Running quiz
–  Lego time
–  Arts and crafts
–  Arts class
–  Music class
–  Science
–  Programming for kids
–  Webdesign
–  Werewolves
–  Outside game
–  Science club
–  Singing club
–  Drawing club
–  Building club
–  Larp club
–  Chess club
–  Gaming club
–  Gardening club


For the t(w)een group we offer different projects. The projects will run for a continuous period of several weeks, twice a week.
♠  They might include homework.


The weekly wannabe activity lets the children become their favourite character for one day.
They will become firefighters, policemen, doctors, princesses, knights, and many more for one day and experience what life must be for these people.
♦  The parents are invited at the closure of the activities where the children will show their new identities. 

Playground meetup

Weekly we will visit one of the playgrounds in Bansko and let the kids enjoy themselves to the fullest.
There are some really cool ones, and we will make sure to visit them all.
Depending on the group and the distance to the playground, we might use transportation.
$  Children can join the transportation for a transport fee, or parents can bring them.
♦  Parents are very welcome to join andenjoy the children and an afternoon outside chat.

Active activities

Every week we will schedule an active or adventure activity for the whole family to join.
$ (Approx. 5 – 50 € depending on the activity)  There will be a fee for the activity

Activities that might be a part of the schedule:
–  Ice skating
–  Rock climbing
–  Horseback riding
–  Ziplines
–  Mountain hikes
–  Off-road tours

Snow fun

There will be a snow fun activity every week.
During this activity the kids will go sledging, make snowmen, have snowball fights, and more fun activities.
We will try to sledge down the ski road once a month. This was one of the favourite activities last year.


In the complex we will create a space where you can find some books that you can lend to read at home. We will start with children’s books and hope that everyone will help fill the library with all sorts of books. This way it can become a place for children, teens, and adults.

Toddler play room

For the little ones, the complex has a toddler play room
Any parents with toddlers are welcome to spend time there with their little ones during the activities.

Lidl visit

♦  For the families without a car, we will arrange a weekly group visit to Lidl.
Lidl is a supermarket in Razlog that has a good offer of basic products for a very reasonable price.
It is a perfect store to stock up.
$  A transfort fee will apply

Skill share

♦  We aim to have a weekly skill share for parents and t(w)eens to join.
There will be presentations or workshops in which we hear about specific topics regarding Worldschooling, education, professional skills, or personal interests.
We really encourage all parents and even passionate children to see if they can add to the skill share.
There are so many interesting people doing so many interesting things in our group, we would really like to hear about it.

Dungeons and Dragons

In the weekly Dungeons and Dragons game, the children will dive into a fantasy world filled with adventure.
The game is very popular and guarantees a challenging and fun evening.

Family dinner

♦  On a weekly basis we will visit a restaurant with the whole family.
For this we will make a fine selection of restaurants in Bansko.
The family dinner was the favourite activity last year and it turned out to be an excellent way to create connections between the families.
We really encourage participating families to join this activity regularly.
$  (Approx 10 – 20 € per person) There will be restaurant expences

Hot spring

♦Every week we will visit one of the nearby hot springs.
The hot springs are outside mineral pools at different warm temperatures.
There are dressing rooms, showers, and toilets available.
Most have a restaurant as well.
$ (Approx. 3 – 5 €)  There will be an entrance fee and there might be a transportation fee.

Hot chocolate and chat

♦  After our cold, snowy, fun day, we invite everyone to come drink a hot chocolate and socialise with other families to give the cold day a sweet, warm closure.

Board game night

♦We will have several board games and everyone is very welcome to bring theirs.
We can play one big game, pair up, play with small grous simultaneously, whatever we’d like.
There were some favourite games like Pandemic and Cashflow last year, but we are also exited to learn new games.

Tween nights / teen nights

Just hang out, chat, play games, watch a movie, the t(w)eens are free to spend this night as they wish.
There will be a team member supervising from a distance, but the night is all about doing whatever you like.

Mom's night / dad's night

♦  Kid-less, husband-less, wife-less, we will have a night just for us.
Mom’s night and dad’s night will alternate, so we will all have our night every other week.
We will go do a fun activity or just have a chat with the group. Most of the nights will include a restaurant or bar visit.
$ (Approx. 5 – 20 €)  There will be expenses for the activities.


♦  On a monthly basis we will organise excursions to places nearby that are worth a visit.
The excursions might be full day excursions, or one or two days with overnight stay. The excursions will happen in the weekends, so the whole family can join.
$  (Fully depending on the excursion) There will be additional charge for the excursions

Skiing / Snowboarding

The ski mountain will be open from half December until half April. The exact prices for this year’s ski passes have not been reeased yet, but we’ll post last year’s prices here.  The resort will announce the exact dates shortly before opening / closing, then we will put the new prices here.

*Please note: During the start of the Worldschool program the ski mountain will most likely not be open. Skiing will most likely open the 18th of December or the week before or after.

Ski passes

$  There will be ski passes available per day / week / 20 days, as well as a season pass. There might be early booking discounts or family discounts. We will inform you about the rates closer to the season. Please also see last year’s price list above.

Ski / snowboard equipment

$  We managed to arrange a reduced fee on ski and snowboard rental.

$  If you plan on skiing / snowboarding more frequently, we advise you to purchase second-hand skiing / snowboarding equipment. We managed to arrange a discount at a store that sells used equipment. It is quality stuff used by ski schools for only one season.

Ski outfits

$  The best place we can advise you to buy your ski outfit is at Decathlon. You can find Decathlon in Sofia or you can order.
In Sofia there are other options to find cheap ski outfits. In Bansko there are also plenty of places where you can buy your ski outfit, just expect them to be more expensive.
$  For families who want to ski for a few days only, there are options to rent ski outfits.

Ski classes

$  We managed to make a deal with a ski school that gives ski classes at a reduced rate. The ski school offers private classes and classes for small groups. We will get interested families together and create Worldschool classes.

Skiing with friends

Our team will accompany the kids skiing a few times a week. This is highly suitable for parents who will not go skiing, parents who like to ski alone, or parents who ski at a different level than their kids.
♠  For the children to join, they should have enough experience on the blue slopes or a ski teacher should confirm that they are ready for that level.
€  Children should have their own ski pass.

We offer three options of supervision. Parents should only sign their children up when they are able to meet the requirement of the option:

Ski with team
Children can ski with a member of our team. The kids ski down in a group, at a pace that is comfortable for all children. This is highly suitable for the little ones and the children with less experience
♠  Children are expected to be good listeners
♠  If children can not use the ski lifts independently, please contact us before signing up.

Ski under guidance.
Children can ski by themselves on the same ski slope as the team. They will wait for eachother at the end of the slope and continue to the next slope together. This way children can ski on their own level and speed, and the team will follow in case something is up. The option is recommended for children from about 6 years old, who are comfortable skiers.
♠  Children are expected to follow the instructions of the team.
♠  It is recommended to give the children a phone when they use this option.
♠  Children are expected to be able to use the ski lifts independently.

Help when needed
Children can go ski by themselves. In case of trouble they can reach out to the team who will come and support them. This option is highly suitable for responsible children from about 10 years old who are good skiers.
♠  Children are expected to be reachable on a phone and to keep track of time.
♠  Children are expected to be at the meeting point at the agreed time. Please note that when children are not on time, they will have to go down independently.

Ski on ski road

The team will accompany the children off the ski road. Children can ski on their own or with a team member. Either way, one of our team will be the last to ski down and help in case of any problems.
♥  Parents are also welcome to join the ski with the whole family.
When we reach the bottom of the gondola, children can have a short picnic after which the snow fun activity will begin.
♠  Please pack food and drinks.

Skiing transfer and meeting point

$  On the ski days, we will offer transport up to the gondola end station at an additional fee. The transport is a relaxed way to avoid (long) lines for the gondola in the mornings. It is also our way to travel up the mountain with the drop-off children.
♥  Both parents and children can make use of the transport
There are options to book transfer one way or return. The transfer has to be booked in advance. Make sure to be on time, as the transport will not wait. Families who use rental equipment can best pick up the equipment the day before. In the occasion that you will have to pick up the equipment in the morning, please contact us in advance to discuss the transport options.
♠  Parents who use the drop-off option, please pack some food / snacks and drinks for your children in a seperate bag. We will be skiing for 2 hours, with no breaks, so make sure your children do not get hungry / thirsty.
During skiing we will leave the bags unattended, so make sure to pack no valuables. ♠  Parents please also pack some clean clothes to change into after skiing and leave them in the complex.

Of course it is also an option to go up the mountain independently. Children can be dropped off and picked up at the meeting point. You will find the meeting point right in front of the gondola end station, about 10 meters from the enterance. This is also the meeting point for the ski classes.
$  Make sure to be on time. If children are not picked up in time, we will take them with us down the mountain. An additional last minute transport fee will then apply.
♠  Please make sure the children have had enough to eat and drink and had their potty break before meeting at the meeting point.

Group complex

The group complex is the complex in which most of the activities are held. The complex is located in a wanted neighbourhood near the ski center of the city, 700 meters from the gondola. The complex has some great facilities and seems perfectly fit for our group. The complex has a small spa center with sauna, steam bath, and small gym, there is a restaurant, a bar, and two swimming pools. It also has a few seating areas for small groups and a toddlers playroom. However, we were informed due to Corona, that it is uncertain which of the facilities will be open during the winter. It is most probable that the pools will not be open. It is even possible that the other facilities will remain closed, or that the seating areas will not be heated. This will all depend on the occupation of the complex. If we consider last year, the pool and restaurant were closed. The spa center, bar, and most of the seating areas were open. If we go by this fact, the complex is a very nice place to spend our winter. The restaurant owner has told us he would open the restaurant and we can do our activities there, but in case this happens to change, we have the availability of a large apartment, so we will be able to continue to run our program.

There are apartments available for Worldschoolers in the complex. However, it seems like there will not be room for all the interested families. The number of 2 bedroom apartments in the complex are limited. There are plenty of 1 bedroom apartments available, so if your family will be okay with a 1 bedroom apartment with sofa couch, this will most probably be possible. There are also studios available for small families. Also, we have been looking for 2 bedroom apartments in the area of the complex, so this gives us options if the complex runs out of apartments. Or you can of course always find your own housing.

♠  If you are interested in one of the apartments in the complex, we will contact you after registration and payment of the Worldschool Bansko program. Due to the limited number of 2 bedroom apartments, you would have to act fast, to ensure your spot!  ♠

2 bedroom apartments
€600 + utilities
In the complex there is a variety of 2 bedroom apts varying in layout, design, facilities, and available dates.
They all come with basic furniture. Some sleep 4, some sleep 6 with a sofa couch.
1 bedroom apartments
€430 + utilities
In the complex there is a variety of 1 bedroom apts varying in layout, design, and facilities. Most come with basic furniture.
Perfectly suited for small families. Sleeps 4 with a sofa bed.

The fee is € 300 per child per month.

For this fee, children can participate in all activities in the program. We offer a five days a week, full day activity program that has activities for every family member. There is a drop-off option for the day program. Participating in the program also gives you access to the group complex and group discounts.

You will be able to register for the whole period or on a month to month basis. If you use one of our discounts, please note that it will count for the full registration, but not for any consecutive registrations.

Early bird discounts:
–  Registrations before 1 October: 20%   discount
–  Registrations before 15 October: 15%   discount
–  Registrations before 1 November: 10%   discount

Additional discount!
Can be added to the early bird discount.
–  Families who will be present during our opening on 6 December:  5% discount ADDITIONAL!

Single parents with 2+ children:
2 children:  25%   discount
3 children:  33%   discount

Large families:
3 children:  17% discount
4 children:  25% discount









Use discount code “25”
Use discount code “33”

Use discount code “17”
Use discount code “25”

We understand that it is difficult to register already, while not knowing if Bulgaria will allow you in. On the other hand, we understand that you do want to make use of the early bird discount and secure your accommodation.
We came up with the following solutions:
– Non EU citizens who registrate will be considered temporary registrations. You will be allowed to cancel your registration in case Bulgaria does not allow you to arrive from your country and receive a full refund minus banking fee. We can offer accommodation, but we will not reserve the 2 bedroom apartments in the complex. We can reserve you a 1 bedroom apartment, or an apartement outside the complex.
– Non EU citizens who waive the refund option, or who are willing to commit to travel to a green country for 2 weeks to enter Bulgaria, are eligible for the 2 bedroom apartments in the complex.