IQ Teen Camp Netherlands FAQ

Due to the weather conditions we recommend long sleeve clothes and a winter coat. Also bring an umbrella or rain coat. The dressing code during the hub is informal. 
We advise you to bring a backpack to bring along on excursions with your lunch and other necessities.

For teens travelling alone, or without both parents present, a consent form is needed by Dutch customs. You can download a form here:

Details how to fill out the form:
Accompanying adults: Travelling alone
Travel information
Name of family/accommodation: Stichting ArcticTerns – Emmy Broeders
Postcode and town/city: 5104KD Dongen
Country: Netherlands
Telephone number: +31612306765

The temperatures in the Netherlands in November are between 6°C and 10°C. Expect some rainy days.

Wifi in The Netherlands is in general of high quality and sufficient for online work, schooling, meetings, etc. In our search for reviews we have found no complaints about the wifi at this park.

We have made the program to be suitable for those who have studies too. Most full day activities are on the weekends so everybody can participate, while most of the shorter activities are flexible in time, and can be adjusted to the group needs.

We have our own expenses to cover the program and many of them have been paid in advance. Our expenses are not refundable. For this reason it is impossible to grant cancellation fees in case of cancellations for any reason. We expect all participants to purchase a cancellation insurance that will cover any cancellations in case of an emergency.

Participation in most of the activities is optional. Every participant joins only the activities that they like.

The only activities where participation is expected are the opening, the closing, feedback meetings and any group meetings. If you will not be able to join these activities, please discuss this with the program manager in advance. However, the teen does need to keep in mind that:

  • The teen joined the teen camp with a certain personal goal. This goal might not be fulfilled if the teen does not join the activities.
  • The teen is expected to participate the co living tasks in an equal way.
  • The full team might join the outside activities. If the teen decides to stay behind, there might not be any team members at the park. In this case we require the permission of the parents for the teen to stay on the park by themselves.
  • The only activities where participation is mandatory are the group meetings and any connecting activities. If the teen will not be able to join one of these activities, please discuss this with the teen facilitator in advance.

In a daily meeting with the teens we will check the wellbeing of the teens, and discuss the synergy of the group. The coliving will also be discussed, where the teens will be encouraged to take a critical look at their choices and what they want to achieve.
During outings we will join the activities, where the teens will be able to go and explore in small groups in an assigned area, with agreed upon meeting moments.
When a teen makes questionable choices a talk with the teen will be held. We will discuss the choices and will advise in the given situation. When needed we will inform the parents.

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