Teen Scholarship Netherlands

Join us to IQ Teen Camp Netherlands with our scholarship.

The scholarship will grant you:
- Accomodation
- All meals
- Transport to the activties
- Full day activity program
- In depth educational package
- Guidance of teen facilitator
- Dutch Simcard
- Your transportation to Amsterdam Airport is not included

October 27 - November 26


Send us a video of yourself (approx 1-3 min) in which you tell us:
- Your name
- Your age
- Your nationality(s)
- How long have you been homeschooled?
- Why are you exceptional?
- How will you add to the IQ Teen Camp Community?
- What do you want to learn from the Netherlands?

Email the video to: Scholarship@arcticterns.global

Apply before 1 July

The scholarship will be granted on July 15th 2023 to the student who sends in the most inspiring video, as appraised by the Stichting ArcticTerns board. The granting of the scholarship will be subject to the condition that 11 paid participants signed up for the particular camp. In case the winning candidate also signed up as a paying participant, the scholarship will be granted to the winning candidate after a new paid participant signed up. If no new paid participant signs up before September 1st, the scholarship will be granted to the most inspiring candidate who did not sign up as a paid participant. In case the selected participant will waive the scholarship, the scholarship will be offered to the second inspiring video. If the scholarship is waived by three selected participants, the scholarship will expire. All entries remain property of Stichting Arcticterns.