Worldschooling Netherlands FAQ

Due to the weather conditions we recommend long sleeve clothes and a winter coat. Also bring an umbrella or rain coat. The dressing code during the hub is informal. 

We advise you to bring a backpack to bring along on excursions with your lunch and other necessities.

The temperatures in the Netherlands in November are between 6°C and 10°C. Expect some rainy days.

The internet speed in each cabin is set at 10 Mbps. If this speed is not sufficient, the park can increase it to 20 Mbps upon request.

We have our own expenses to cover the program and many of them have been paid in advance. Our expenses are not refundable. For this reason it is impossible to grant cancellation fees in case of cancellations for any reason. We expect all participants to purchase a cancellation insurance that will cover any cancellations in case of an emergency.

Participation in most of the activities is optional. Every participant joins only the activities that they like.
The only activities where participation is expected are the opening, the closing, feedback meetings and any group meetings. If you will not be able to join these activities, please discuss this with the program manager in advance.

All transport to activities is included, so there is no need to get a rental car for this reason. It might be comfortable to have a car for your free days. Even though we are close to Amsterdam, the park is approx 3,5 km from the closest busstop. Supermarkets and shops are at a similar distance.

The majority of the activities in the program is suitable for children from about 5 years old.  Please look at the detailed program and make your own consideration if your child would enjoy the activities and if your child is able to behave in an appropriate way during the activities. In particular consider if your child will enjoy bus rides of 2 hours or longer and if they can walk distances of 3 km or more.

For teens joining the Worldschooling Netherlands who are interested in the IQ teens program, we can make a special offer. At the reduced rate of an additional €699, the Worldschooling teens can join the IQ teen activities and projects, while staying at their families cabin and having all meals with their parents. The teens interested in this offer will go through the same registration process as the IQ teens.

The IQ teen camp is set up for teens who seek challenge on an intellectual and philosophical level. If you recognise your teen in this description, the IQ teen activities are probably suitable for them.  Since the activities consist of an intense program with other teens while discovering a different culture, we ask the teens to have an open minded and motivated attitude.

Parents who will be working full time during Worldschooling Netherlands are welcome to join at a reduced fee of €21 per day. This Working-Parents fee allows them to stay at the park with their family, but does not include any of the scheduled activities. The working parent is welcome to join any of the activities at additional fee of €100 per day. The working parents are very much invited at the Meet and Greet and at all the social activities on free days.
Participation in the activities is only possible when there is availability. Early reservations of the activities is essential.

Availability can not be guaranteed until the start of the program.

Maximum 1 working parent per family, provided there is at least 1 other full time adult participant. 

Dogs are allowed on the park at an extra fee of €7,50 per night. Cats or other pets are not allowed. There is a maximum of 2 dogs per cabin. Please keep in mind that we will be out for long days and the dog should be able to be by itself.

For small families it is possible to share your cabin with another small family. In this case both will be charge the lower fee of a larger family. We can assist in finding another interested family.

Worldschooling Netherlands offers a month program. We do not offer shorter stay options.
Our program is designed in a specific way with the goal to create a community where life lasting friendships are built. For this reason we advise all participants to join from the opening until the farewell party. Joining later will give you and your children a disadvantage in bonding with the other participants. Leaving early will make you miss some of the most valuable moments with the community. In case you will have to join later or leave early, please take this up with us in advance, to discuss the impact that this will have on you and the community.

Since all our events are aimed to build a community between the participants, we will not allow any short stay visits.