Registration procedure

To manage the rush on a place in Worldschooling Bansko and the best housing, as we experienced it last year, we developed a registration procedure for the registrations to run smoothly and make it fair for everybody. 

During registration, a registration fee as well as a deposit will be charged. Please note that registration is not optional, but it comes with a legal obligation. Once we have finalised your registration, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.

Your registration will be organized into different groups as follows:
Group 1: Pre-registrations – Open for previous participants of our hubs and those who signed up for Worldschooling Netherlands 2023.
Group 2: Registrations within the first hour of registration launch.
Group 3: Registrations within the first day of registration launch.
Group 4: Registrations within the first week of registration launch.
Group 5 and beyond: Each subsequent week will form its own registration group.

The registration process will proceed as follows:
1. Registrants in the first group will receive an invitation to schedule an interview. Please ensure you schedule the interview within the given time frame. If you encounter any scheduling difficulties, please contact us to find a suitable solution. Failure to schedule the interview within the specified time frame will result in your placement in the next group, and you will receive a new invitation.
2. During the interview, we will discuss your housing preferences. It is important to familiarize yourself with the available housing options and have your preferences ready before the interview.
3. After conducting interviews with everyone in your group, we will assign housing based on the following criteria:
– Available housing
– Your family’s preferences
– Your registration order within the group
4. Once housing has been assigned to everyone in the group, we will proceed with the registration process for the next group.

Pre-registration opens July 22nd 18:00 CEST
Registration opens July 23rd 18:00 CEST

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