Learning from the world

Get to know the Netherlands through a month long intense cultural immersion. Gain a deep understanding of the Dutch country and culture, by taking on this intellectual and philosophical challenging experience. Are you open minded and motivated? Join teens like you from all over the world and build life lasting international friendships together.

Intellectual and philosophical challenge

The IQ teen camp challenges the teens on an intellectual and philosophical level, through additional group assignments and projects. The teens are herein guided by a special teen facilitator. The teens will dive into water management and learn how the Dutch use the water to their advantage, to then bring their new gained knowledge into practise. The teens will also gain a deep understanding of the Dutch culture through researching the behaviour and opinions of the Dutch concerning sensitive social subjects and form connections that explain the Dutch responses in daily life.


Quality time with peers

The teens will spend a month together with other intellectual, passionate teens from all over the world. A base for deep connections and life lasting friendships with peers who might be difficult to find in their home community. The teens will live together in their own fully equipped cabin, where they are responsible for cleaning, preparing their meals and doing their laundry together. The special teen facilitator will closely monitor the co-living, the social connections and the teens’ general wellbeing.

A full day program

The IQ teens arrive at Schiphol airport and are taken to the hotel, where they can spend their first day getting adjusted to any climate and time differences and relax after their journey. The teens will meet their fellow students in a casual setting.

*Earlier arrival is possible at additional cost. Please contact us for the options.

Sip, Snack, Chill Party | Bridal Shower Ideas | 100 Layer Cake

After a good night sleep at the hotel, the teens are taken to the park where they get time to settle in their cabin and explore the park. There will be a short introduction to the team and the program. In the late afternoon they get to join the group meet and greet and a diner together with the Worldschooling families.

Archeon in Alphen aan den Rijn: Korting Tickets 12,50 • Dagjeuitpagina.nl

We will discover the history of the Netherlands as if we were there. We will experience this day loaded with workshops and activities, that make us relive history while being in the center of the action, while knowledgeable experts teach us all about the Dutch history and answer all our questions.

Discover the History of the Netherlands' Windmills at Zaanse SchansWindmills are a remarkable staple of the Netherlands. Today we will get to experience windmills from the inside and out. We will go to a famous location in the Netherlands that is known for it’s beautiful windmills. Through multiple excbitions we will learn about the windmills and other traditional Dutch features.

Over half UK's 24m Halloween pumpkins destined for food waste | Food waste | The GuardianAlthough not a Dutch holiday, it is more and more common for Dutch communities to organise Halloween activities and something that is without a doubt appreciated by our teens. Today the teens will help the Worldschooling kids with a (scary?) face painting after which they will join the trick or treating. In the late evening, the teens are invited for a traditional Dutch “dropping”. While not a typical Halloween activity, a dropping is a know social activity where the participants are (safely) taken to a secret location from where they have to find their way home.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Home - Muiderslot [EN]We will visit one of the oldest and best We will visit one of the oldest and best preserved castles of the Netherlands. The history of this castle goes all the way back to the middle ages and lets us experience what live was like at a castle in these days.


Zelf kaarsen maken – Kaarsenmakerij Wilhelmus Eenrum During the candle making workshop we will learn to make our own candles from bee wax and give them our favorite colors. Of course we get to take our self made candles home.                      

12 Best Things to do in Maastricht, the Netherlands (with Photos) - TouropiaThe Netherlands is known for it’s flat landscape. In the whole country, no location can officially be labelled as a “mountain”. However, in the most southern province, called Limburg, close to the Belgium and German border, the landscape changes significantly. Here we will visit the small town Valkenburg, known for it’s beauty, it’s landscape, and it’s history. We will see the highlights of Valkenburg in a fun way, and enjoy one of it’s attractions. After Valkenburg, we will move to the city of Maastricht. Here we will start with an Underground Experience in the hilly landscape around Maastricht. In a guided tour, we will discover a part of the miles long tunnel system and learn how the locals used the tunnels for their protection throughout history. After, we will spend some free time in the center of Maastricht before heading get back to the park.

De beste wijn om mee te Borrelen | Bakán Passerina Brut SpumanteAll teens are invited for a social evening with a Dutch twist. They can try some typical Dutch treats and do a fun creative Dutch activity while spending some hours enjoying the company of the other teens and the Worldschooling families.

The Delta Works of Zeeland | Zeeland.comHow does the Netherlands keep the water out? Does the country really needs Dutch boys to put their fingers in dikes, or is there a more sophisticated system behind it? We will have a fun and entertaining day filled with all kinds of exhibitions and activities right on the Storm Surge Barrier, the eight wonder of the world. We will learn all the ins and outs about the construction that keeps the water out of the country, all at our own level of understanding, and all with a lot of fun.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Volendam & Marken Attractions 15 • HollandWe will visit the traditional fishers town Volendam where we will enjoy some traditional Dutch experiences. In a number of exhibitions we will learn how Dutch cheese is made, about the traditional Dutch costumes and even try them on ourselves, we will learn about traditional trades in Volendam, and we will taste a Haring Dutch style. All this while enjoying the beauty of this cute fishers town that makes you feel like you have gone back in time.

Recept voor hartige pannenkoek met pompoen en feta - Foody.nlPancakes for breakfast? For the Dutch pancakes are a diner dish. Filled with all kind of ingredients, you will not recognise the pancake anymore. We will visit a traditional pancake restaurant and enjoy the typical Dutch pancakes.

Peace Palace | DenHaag.comDen Haag / The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands. Here, the Dutch government is located and the king has its palace. But also, Den Haag is the city of international peace and justice. In this day we will get a tour by the national and international highlights of democracy, peace and justice.  In the afternoon it is time for fun. We will pay a visit to the Dutch miniature park that shows all the highlights of the Netherlands in scale in a fun and engaging way.

Oud Hollandse Spelletjes - Leuke Hollandse spelletjes - SpelActiefWe will go back in time ourselves, to a time when teens did not have iPhones and Nintendo’s to enjoy themselves. What did they do? Which traditional games did the Dutch play? We will experience it first hand.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Sinterklaas slaat Veenendaal over bij intocht maar cadeautjes worden wel bezorgd; wel te zien in Ede en Wageningen | Veenendaal | gelderlander.nlThe Sinterklaas celebrations start mid November when Sinterklaas arrives in the country. This day is looked forward to by all Dutch children who will all gather to see Sinterklaas arrive in their home town, and we will get to experience this celebration first hand in the city of Harderwijk. The Sinterklaas arrival introduces us to the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations that last until the 5th of December and include daily rituals that we will introduce into the program from today. When the celebrations end we get to spend some free time to explore the city of Harderwijk, with its historical inner city and many historical sights.

Rotterdam - WijnstudioRotterdam, one of the major cities of the Netherlands, famous for its ports, completely bombed in the WWII and rebuilt after, using the most creative architecture of its time. We will get a tour through the city and see the remarkable designs that this city has to offer. We will try the unique Rotterdam transportation: The water taxi. And we will learn all about the importance of the harbours of Rotterdam to the Dutch country.

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 6 mensen en buitenshuisWe will visit a historical 17th century VOC ship. We will learn more about the VOC that meant so much for the country in the exhibitions, while enjoying all the fun and educational activities that teaches us how to be VOC sailors.

Amsterdam zoekt meer ruimte voor de fietser - VerkeersNetIn the Netherlands bikes are the most common way of transportation used by the Dutch. Today we will become real Dutch and explore the surroundings of the park by bike. We will enjoy the landscape and visit a small nearby town where we will wonder around for a bit and enjoy a picknick, before we will head back to the park.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Working in AmsterdamAmsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The best thing to do here is just walk around and breath in the energy of the city, or better yet, float around, on the countless canals that the city has to offer. We will start the day with a tour on the water, learning about the canals and the impact of them on the city. After, we will visit the most famous museum The Rijksmuseum, that exhibits world famous Dutch masterpieces, like the Night Watch of Rembrandt. The Anne Frank house* where we experience the story of Anne Frank with our own eyes. Of course there will also be some free time to explore Amsterdam.

* The visit to the Anne Frank house we can not guarantee, as it is challenging to get tickets at the right moment. Early booking is necessary.

Auschwitz II (Birkenau) - Barakken | Stenen barakken in Ausc… | FlickrUnfortunately the Netherlands also has this dark side of history to share. During the Holocaust over 100.000 Jews, among them Anne Frank, were gathered in the transition camp Westerbork to from there be transported to other camps, like Auschwitz. We will visit the camp with its memorial museum and show our respect at a Jewish cemetery nearby.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen | Visit WaddenToday we will visit the Northern provinces Friesland and Groningen. These provinces, mostly forgotten during trips to the Netherlands, show a whole different side of the country. Friesland, the only province in the Netherlands that has its own official language, with its own history and surrounded by water. We will visit the town of Dokkum in which we have some free time to get an impression of a small Fries town. Groningen, where in contrary to the rest of the country, there is a low population density which results in stretches of flat landscape. In Groningen we will pay a visit to a seal rescue center, after which we will pay a short visit to the city of Groningen.

Poffertjes (Dutch Mini Pancakes) - Tara's Multicultural TableIn this workshop we will teach the teens how to prepare the typical Dutch dish “poffertjes”. They will then of course get to try their new learned dish and understand why they are so popular in the Netherlands.

Video van Sint à - Flandre Orientale | GrouponSinterklaas will visit us with his helpers. They will bring traditional Sinterklaas candy. We will sing a Sinterklaas song and have a little personal chat. Maybe he will even bring us a small gift.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

Droomvlucht' dark ride - EftelingEfteling is one of the largest theme parks in Europe, with tons of rides, shows, rollercoasters, and so much more fun for all ages. However, Efteling is so much more than just a theme park. Since 1952 the theme parks fairytales, presented in astonishing artworks in the rides and shows, have touched the hearts of nearly every Dutch person, young and old, and so became part of their culture.

During the park days the teens will work on their special assignments and projects. They will also have plenty of time to socialise and enjoy the facilities of the park.

4,684 Goodbye Party Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockThe saddest day of the program will for sure be the goodbye party. One more time we will all be together and enjoy each others presence. During this day we will look back at our month together. We will be challenged in how much we learned. Also the teens will be presenting their final projects to the Worldschooling families during this day.

The teens will say goodbye to the park and head back to Schiphol Airport, where everybody will all head back home.

* Late departure is possible at additional cost. Please contact us for the options.

*The program and all its activities are subject to change.

Worldschooling Netherlands

Simultaneous with the IQ teen camp, Worldschooling Netherlands, a program for families is run, for those who want to experience this cultural exchange as a family. The IQ teens and Worldschooling families will become part of the same community and attend many of the same activities. More info