Frequently Asked Questions

We will keep a regular update on the ages of the children that registered in our Facebook group.

There is an option to drop the child off for the full day program or part of the day program. Please make sure to read the schedule carefully, so your child is equipped for all the activities, and has food, drinks, and spare clothes where needed. Also keep in mind that some of the day program activities require an extra fee or transport fee.

We have had non English speakers in our group and they all went home speaking English at the end of the program. ♥ Children learn so fast, just from being in an English environment, it’s unbelievable. We do notice that children who do not speak English might feel a bit less comfortable than other children. They might need their parents around during the activities in the beginning. We have a number of activities that are perfectly suited for non-English speaking children, to pick up bits and pieces of the language in a playful way. You might want to encourage your child to join these activities, even if it doesn’t fit their age group:
–  Reading time
–  Circle time
–  Running quiz

However we do offer activities from 3 years up, not every 3 or 4 year old is ready to do activities in a group with mostly older children. When you look at the schedule you can see what your 3 or 4 year old would enjoy and be ready for. It is up to the parents to make this consideration. If you as a parent think it is too much for your child, we offer to let your 3 or 4 year old join the program for free. Just don’t count them when asked for the # of family members age 3 and up. In this case your child is always welcome to come and watch the activities with a parent. Maybe, after feeling comfortable after a while, the child feels ready to join the activities after all. If the child got to a level that is considered participating, we will in consultation with the parents, ask for additional payment for the child.

Of course, parents of children of any age are welcome to stay during the activities, if the child feels more comfortable.

The best place we can advise you to buy your ski outfit is at Decathlon. You acn find Decathlon in Sofia or you can order.
In Sofia there are other options to find cheap ski outfits. In Bansko there are also plenty of places where you can buy your ski outfits, just expect them to be more expensive.
For families who want to ski for a few days only, there are options to rent ski outfits.

We managed to arrange a reduced fee on ski and snowboard rental.
If you plan on skiing / snowboarding more frequently, we advise you to purchase second-hand skiing / snowboarding equipment. We managed to arrange a discount at a store that sells used equipment. It is quality stuff used by ski schools for only one season. 

The most important thing is that the program offers is the valuable opportunity to connect with other Worldschool families. The program offers this through a full day activity program, that has activities for every family member. Participating in the program gives access through all the organised activities. It also gives access to the group complex and the discounted third services we offer.

Housing is not included in the program. Hoewver, we will inform you of housing options available to rent.

We have our own expenses to cover the program. The majority of these expenses are not refundable. For this reason it is impossible to guarantee any kind of cancellation fee. However, in case of cancelation due to force majeure, we are wiling to do a refund, which we will review based on the specific situation. We do not consider Covid reasons as force majeure. See below for our covid policy.

No worries, you can register for the period that you are sure you want to come and re-register on a monthly basis. Keep in mind though, that any current discounts might not be available later. Also keep in mind that your rental might not be available after the agreed term.

When you make the registration and can not come you of course do not want to loose your money. On the other hand, when you make your registration and we count on you being here, we make costs for the organisation. We are willing to refund anyone who is not allowed to come into the country, but only after we covered all the expenses. If we did not cover the expenses, we will have to divide them between the people who had to cancel for this reason and then refund the rest. I think this is the best way to keep everybody without too much damage from these crazy things that are happening in the world right now. As for the 2 bedroom apartments in the complex , we must be honest that we are reluctant in book them for people that have a high change of cancelling, because of the limited number. If you are under the impression that there will be a high possibility that you will have have to cancel, we would like to ask you not to make the bookings for these 2 bedrooms apartments yet. In that case we will help you find something close by when you are more sure of your arrival.

Need to add that Bulgaria is at the moment of this writing is not restricting any nationalities. They do have entry restrictions on departure from certain countries. I will figure out how this regulation is enforced in practise and announce this in the group.

Update 18 september 2021:
We understand that it is difficult to register already, while not knowing if Bulgaria will allow you in. On the other hand, we understand that you do want to make use of the early bird discount and secure your accommodation.
We came up with the following solutions:
– Non EU citizens who registrate will be considered temporary registrations. You will be allowed to cancel your registration in case Bulgaria does not allow you to arrive from your country and receive a full refund minus banking fee. We can offer accommodation, but we will not reserve the 2 bedroom apartments in the complex. We can reserve you a 1 bedroom apartment, or an apartement outside the complex.
– Non EU citizens who waive the refund option, or who are willing to commit to travel to a green country for 2 weeks to enter Bulgaria, are eligible for the 2 bedroom apartments in the complex.