IQ Teen Camp Netherlands FAQ

Due to the weather conditions we recommend long sleeve clothes and a winter coat. Also bring an umbrella or rain coat. The dressing code during the hub is informal. There will be some restaurant diners where you might want to informally dress up. There is a swimming pool on site, so bring your swimming suits.

We advise you to bring a backpack to bring along on excursions with your lunch and other necessities.

There are no towels or soaps included at the accommodation. Towels can be provided at extra expense.

For every participant we ask to bring one extra (clean) shoe to use for one of the activities. You will not be able to use this shoe for the duration of the hub, and will get it back after in the same condition.

There are shops nearby and even a supermarket on the park for any forgotten belongings. Maestro debet cards are widely accepted in the country, other debet/credit are less commonly accepted in stores. They can be used to take cash from any ATMs. A Dutch sim card can be bought at the airport or at any of the larger supermarkets.

The temperatures in the Netherlands in November are between 6°C and 10°C. Expect some rainy days.

At this moment life goes as normal in the Netherlands. There are no more Covid restrictions in every day life. The Dutch government has announced its priority to retain from adding restrictions in the future.

When entering the Netherlands from a country labelled “safe”, no entry restrictions are in place. When entering the Netherlands from a country labelled “unsafe” a recent vaccine certificate, or a recognised recent cured certificate is required. All EU countries are labelled “safe” Some of them have no travel restrictions in place. Check here which countries are labelled “safe” and make travel plans accordingly.

Please always keep yourself informed through official resources about current information.

Official information about restrictions can be found here:

Official entry regulations can be found here:

During the pop up, if you have symptoms please stay home or take a test to not get other sick.

The Netherlands is not directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is located more than 2.000 kilometers from the Netherlands and the Netherlands has no specific ties with neither Ukraine nor Russia. The Netherlands takes in a fair share of Ukrainian refugees. This is done in professional centers, where housing and facilities are provided to the refugees. The Netherlands is affected economically by the war, but due to the social character of the country, this will not affect your safety.

In case of cancellation prior to September 15th 2022 a 50% refund is issued. This concerns 50% of the original price (without any discounts), and any awarded discounts will be subtracted from the refund amount.
In case your cancellation prior to September 15th causes the total number of participants to reach below the minimum number of participants, no refund is issued. Please contact us prior to any cancellation to inform yourself about the effects of your cancellation.No refunds are issued for any cancellations after September 14th.

Participation in most of the activities is optional. The teen does not have to participate in the activities if they do not want to. However, the teen does need to keep in mind that:

  • The teen joined the IQ teen camp with a certain personal goal. This goal can not be fulfilled if the teen does not join the activities.
  • The teen is expected to participation the co living tasks and in the group assignments in an equal way.
  • Not joining certain activities makes it hard to participate in the group assignments.
  • The full team might join the outside activities. If the teen decides to stay behind, there might not be any team members at the park. In this case we require the permission of the parents for the teen to stay on the park by themselves.
  • The only activities where participation is mandatory are the group meetings and any connecting activities. If the teen will not be able to join one of these activities, please discuss this with the teen facilitator in advance.

During the camp there will always be a special teen facilitator present at the scheduled activities. The teen facilitator will have regular meetings with the teens and closely monitor the co living, the social connections and the teens general wellbeing. During the free time the teen facilitator is available for the teens at all times, however they will not be present with the teens all the time. A certain level of responsibility and independence is expected of the teens.

The IQ teen camp is set up for children who seek challenge on an intellectual and philosophical level. If you recognise your teen in this description, the IQ teen camp is probably suitable for them.  Since the camp consists of intense co living with other teens while discovering a different culture, we ask the teens to have an open minded and motivated attitude.

We will always hold an interview with the teen before finalising the registration, to discuss if the teen fits the above profile. We will advise against participation if we feel the teen does not fit the profile, and the teen will not enjoy themselves take away from the enjoyment from others.