Code of conduct - Teens

Code of conduct

We organise a program in which all participants should be able to have a fun time. For this program to run smoothly certain behaviour of the participants and their parents is expected. We have set up a code of conduct that we expect every participant to follow. Non compliance with the code of conduct can lead to termination of the program.


Follow instructions of the team

The team is there to organise the program in your behalf. The team members constantly juggle between the needs and the safety of all participants. Any instructions or regulations given by the team are to be followed. When you receive conflicting instructions from different team members, please address this to the team members involved or contact the program’s manager.


Behave in a responsible manner

When joining the IQ teen camp a lot of trust and independence is granted to you by your parents and by our team. It’s up to you to handle this trust in a responsible manner. Alcohol, drugs, smoking and vaping are prohibited during the camp and so is any form of sexual interaction. You are required to stay with the group at all times during all activities outside the park. Non compliance with these regulations can lead to termination of your participation.


Treat every participant with respect

Every participant, including the team, should be able to have a good time. Accordingly you are expected to treat all participants with respect and keep others’ needs into consideration. At all times show appropriate behaviour that is not disturbing to other participants. Any form of bullying, aggression, violence, threats etc are reason for immediate termination of the program. Please address others when needed in a respectful way, and reach out to the team for support.


Treat all property respectfully

We appreciate being able to use the park, the general spaces, the means of transport, the facilities of third parties, and the equipment and supplies for the activities. You are to make sure you treat all property, respectfully. Make sure your behaviour causes no damage to the property. Help clean up after activities. Keep spaces and belongings enjoyable.


Invest in the community

To make community work, an investment from every participant is needed. You are expected to give your best to the community and see where you can contribute. You put in your best effort to make it work for every person in the community, because you appreciate being part of the program and the community and you appreciate the presence of every other participant. You equally help out with the co living taks and actively take part in the activities, the group meetings, the group assignments and projects. You take it as your personal responsibility to make it fun for yourself and others.



Receiving feedback is very important. Both positive and negative feedback are very welcome tools towards excellence. We appreciate hearing all feedback about the program and also personal feedback between the participants is highly appreciated. We have developed certain tools and protocols to organise the feedback in a constructive way. Any feedback given is suppose to follow these tools and protocols. It is important to be actively present at the (mandatory) group meetings and address all your feedback in the instructed way. Consider how you can add to solve any issues, give suggestions for solutions, and accept no if the suggestion is not followed up. Use the group meetings also to actively address your personal appreciation to the other participants. Always feel welcome to take any concerns up with the teen facilitator or the programs manager. It is not allowed to use the group chat or any of the activities for this purpose, nor is it allowed to complain, criticise or gossip. Always keep your focus on what is instead of what is not. Be open to cultural differences, appreciate that in a different country things might go different than expected, be prepared for unexpected changes. Make sure that you have informed yourself about the details of the program and set realistic expectations accordingly.


Appropriate behaviour from parents

During the camp parent will communicate with their teens, with the camp team and maybe even with parents of other participants. Any communication of the parents is appreciated, for which we expect the same appropriate behaviour as from our participants, specifically concerning the paragraphs “Treat every participant with respect”, “Invest in the community|”, and feedback. Non compliance of the parents can lead to termination of your teens participation.